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Transcending Trauma Programme

Discover the power of your mind to resolve anxiety, trauma and stress, build self-belief and let your inner genius shine.

Build confidence. Express yourself. Have fun.
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Building belief from the ground up

You have dreams, you have wishes, you have things you’d love to do.

But anxiety, fear and procrastination sabotage you. Holding you back.

Preventing you from living a life with more enjoyment, engagement and enthusiasm.

One side of you knows you’re more capable, knows you have more to give.

One side of you knows you have something special inside that makes you uniquely you.

But for far too long now, the anxiety, the fear and the procrastination has been getting the better of you.

The self-doubt is too loud. The self-criticism is too harsh. But it’s time for a change.

The ‘Transcending Trauma’ group coaching programme provides a supportive environment to grow, overcome challenges, and build self-confidence.

All while exploring your mind in a light, safe and fun community.

The ingenious group programme is designed to help you find greater peace, comfort and calm.

It’s designed to help you feel grounded, centred and confident in who you are.

And provide all the tools, guidance and support you need to get there.


This programme is made for you if you struggle with:

Brain noise






HOW does it work?

Discover the power of your mind to resolve anxiety, trauma and stress, build self-belief and let your inner genius shine.

Session 1

The first session is designed to flush out anxious and stressful feelings from the body, leaving you feeling clear, relaxed and energised..

Through fun, engaging and interactive exercises, you’ll discover the hidden thinking patterns that can either fast-track you toward your goals or trap you in cycles of anxiety, stress and overwhelm.

I guarantee you’ll FEEL better after every session, rapidly build confidence and communication skills, gain greater understanding of human behaviour and have a tonne of fun.

Session 2

In our second session each month, I’ll guide you through a journey into the fascinating world of the mind. I’ll share with you specific tools, strategies and techniques to overcome painful past experiences, fear and trauma.

We’ll use cutting-edge psychological techniques to help you move through the blocks that are holding you back – without having to share any personal content or stories – and help you feel lighter, calmer and focused.

You’ll get the opportunity to sit in the ‘Discovery Chair’ where we work together on the specific issue or block you’re having to help you dissolve it there and then.

You’ll get to share in the transformations of other group members, share your insights and learn practical ways to think better and increase productivity.

HOW does it work?

Discover the power of your mind to resolve anxiety, trauma and stress, build self-belief and let your inner genius shine.

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“The confidence I’ve gained through the course has actually been invaluable“
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“It just surprised me so much, but it was just incredible“
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What’s included?

The Mindset Mentor app is the coach in your pocket, helping you whenever anxiety, fear or overwhelm strikes. The Mindset Mentor app takes you through a guided set of questions to identify where the block is and then provides bite size training on how to overcome it immediately.

Habit Hero. How do you set up powerful, sustainable habits in a way that feel easy to achieve and enjoyable to do? Habit Hero will help you set up unstoppable habits one day at a time without the hard work and slog you tried in the past.

A three part masterclass helping you to redefine failure, build belief and focus on achieving your goals. This masterclass is packed full of actionable insights to upgrade your thinking

Mindset foundations - embrace your creative side and use the famous Feynman Technique to own the key concepts and principles of maintaining a positive mental attitude so you learn them at a deeper level than ever before.

Voids, Values and Core feelings. When we resent and dislike our past, it creates a disconnect in the present, leading to uncertainty and confusion. Identifying how the voids of the past create your current highest values, and identifying the feelings you want to move toward, are a key step toward your goals.

Mountain of value. Extracting the lessons, the learning and the value of your journey so far is one of the most empowering processes you can ever do. When you realise just how much hidden value you have, your confidence and your life are never the same.

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