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The Trauma Wellbeing Programme

Discover the ultimate toolkit to upgrade your mindset, sleep, habits, fitness and nutrition.

A comprehensive training consisting of 5 self-paced modules divided into bitesize chunks to help you enhance every area of your wellbeing.
Lifetime access for just £1 a day for one month!*

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The Trauma Wellbeing Programme

trauma wellbeing programme

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The Ultimate Wellbeing Upgrade

I remember how frustrating it can be when people who haven’t experienced painful or traumatic experiences struggle to understand how far reaching the consequences can be.

I knew they didn’t just impact the mind – like many people assume.

As well as impacting your emotional wellbeing, they also affect your your weight and nutrition, your fitness and body image, your physical health and your sleep. Difficult emotions also lead to overthinking, procrastination and therefore a struggle to keep good habits.

The Trauma Wellbeing programme is your ultimate trauma-informed wellbeing programme to help you upgrade every area of your health and wellbeing.

All for just one payment of £30+VAT – that’s £1 per day for a single month for tools that’ll last a lifetime.

The Trauma Resolution Wellbeing programme includes 5 specific modules each containing bitesize training that you can work through at your own pace and comprehensive digital tools with walkthroughs videos to guide you every step of the way.

There is no other trauma-informed wellbeing programme that can help you enhance every area of your wellbeing.

The Trauma Wellbeing programme also comes with a full money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.


This programme is made for you if you struggle with:

Brain noise


Poor sleep




What is included?

The comprehensive trauma-informed wellbeing upgrade to transform your psychology and your physiology.


The Emotional Empowerment module is designed to help you move past painful or difficult life experiences with specific tools to help you resolve negative emotions and silence the brain noise. 

It contains my most powerful exercises to dramatically boost your self-worth and increase confidence on demand. These exercises are worth their weight in gold and previously only available to my high-ticket coaching programmes.

The Habit Hero module will give you a simple, scientific understanding of how to master creating sustainable, enjoyable habits that empower you to greater wellbeing.

This training will help you take control of the ‘fee’ good’ chemical dopamine and show you simple ways you can build confidence while creating habits that feel good to stick to. It’s complete with a comprehensive digital tool to walk you through every step of the habit creation process.



The Sleep Serenity module helps you to understand the science behind deep, restful sleep and provides over 20 sleep optimisations that you can immediately implement. These sleep optimisations are divided into morning, day-time and evening sections so you can make tiny changes that dramatically improve the quality of your sleep.

The Natural Nutrition module takes a trauma-informed look at losing weight. It reveals the 6 types of hunger, how to identify them and how to methodically work through them to dramatically reduce unhelpful cravings and poor eating habits. You’ll also receive a full step-by-step guide for how you can easily lose weight without having to count calories ever again (that’s right!). 

Finally, the Fitness Fundamentals module will assist you in finding a deeper inspiration to exercise that helps you to reveal the powerful subconscious drivers that make sticking to exercise routines easy. Complete with a helpful accountability tracker, this tool will inspire you into action.

meditation journal

Two Special Free Gifts

As a special gift you’ll also receive free access to the Journal Joy module where I’ll reveal the most inspiring and insightful reflective questions that have transformed my mindset and emotional intelligence.

Finally, you’ll gain access to the Meditation Mastery gift module where I will guide you step-by-step how to create your own, personal meditation to quieten the inner critic and improve positive self-talk.

HOW does it work?

Discover a sneak peak of the training below to see the incredible depth of premium content that can be yours for only £30+VAT.

“The confidence I’ve gained through the course has actually been invaluable“
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“It just surprised me so much, but it was just incredible“
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What’s included?

The Emotional Empowerment module is packed full of all my most powerful psychological tools that help you appreciate your inner strength, tap into your hidden value, overcome painful past experiences and clear negative emotions in minutes.

The Habit Hero module is a step-by-step training to help you set up powerful, sustainable habits in a way that feel easy to achieve and enjoyable to do. Habit Hero will help you set up unstoppable habits one day at a time without the hard work and slog you tried in the past.

The Sleep Serenity module gives you the latest insights in the power of deep, restful sleep and gives over 20 easy, quick sleep optimisations that will all improve your ability to enjoy a night of restorative sleep.

The Fitness Fundamentals module helps you to tap into an inspiration for exercise, rather than having to rely on fleeting motivation. The digital assets help you connect to your own personal fitness goals, create new neural pathways and help you stay on track.

The Natural Nutrition module is an emotion focused approach to losing weight and feeling good about it - that means zero calorie counting. This tried and tested method will increase your overall health, sharpen your mind and help you melt away unwanted fat.

Special Gift #1 - The Meditation Mastery module will give you my secret weapon in transforming the inner critic into a friendly inner advocate. The modules helps you to rewire the automatic, negative thoughts that plague so many people and allow you to make your mind a friendlier place.

Special Gift #2 - The Journal Joy module is my most prized reflective questions that I have used over the last 8 years to build mental strength. Practicing these journal questions will provide you with new insights, realisations and discoveries in as little as 10-minutes a day.

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