Heal pain and trauma from childhood events and complex family dynamics

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Discover what Professor Johnson PhD revealed as being the secret hidden cause of all these issues...

Worrying about what people will think about you and what could go wrong is preventing you from enjoying exciting opportunities.

Getting stuck in cycles of overthinking and anxiety where your thoughts feel all jumbled up and too difficult to untangle by yourself.

Finding you have no time to focus on you as everyone and everything else seems to come first, meaning there’s nothing left over for you.

Mum-guilt causing inner conflict between what you want to do and what you think you should do, stopping you being present during your time together.

Struggling to set and keep healthy boundaries leading to people pleasing and resentment toward others.

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You deserve to feel calm, centred and confident so you can enjoy life with those that mean the most to you.

Events and programming that you’ve had in your life in the past – whether you know about them or not – can impact your present and future.

Old programming creates invisible mental blocks that prevent you from:

  • Reaching your true potential
  • Maximising business and professional success
  • Experiencing loving relationships
  • Living with purpose and productivity
  • Creating the life of your dreams


Discover how you can transform old limiting beliefs, programming and mental blocks to feel calm, centred and confident.

See yourself feeling...

Calm, centred and focused on achieving your goals

Confident to express yourself and set healthy boundaries

Productive, energised and resilient to stress

Danny Greeves Trauma Specialist

Breakthrough your blocks
in 12 weeks

Specialised training and education by neurosurgeons, nonverbal behaviour experts, trauma specialists and Harvard lecturers.

You will not be able to find this type of information or therapeutic experience anywhere else.

But you will finally understand why many other techniques have failed you and why you may have been beating yourself up – when in reality it was just the approach used was not the most effective way of solving your issues.

Work with me to release the baggage holding you back from the life you want

Delivered Online - You'll get the best results from being in the comfort of your own home. All you need to do is commit to the time in the session and avoid all the unnecessary travel time and stress.

Fast and confidential - Accelerate your path to success by skipping years of talking therapy to transform your mindset in as little as 5-weeks

Trusted advisor - Work with an award-winning, experienced therapist who is able to work with the past, the present and the future to help you create the life you want.

3 Simple steps to transform your life

Book a time to speak where we can have an informal chat

Work together to identify your key goals and barriers

Show up during your programme and change your life

My promise to you...

100% guaranteed to reduce or resolve the invisible mental blocks holding you back - or your money back.

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Danny Greeves Accelerated Trauma Resolution

Accelerated Trauma Resolution

How does the mind store trauma? How can we reduce or even resolve its impact? Can traditional talking therapy ever be the answer?


The ‘Accelerated Trauma Resolution’ book answers all these questions and more. In this short book, Greeves explains the key principles of trauma, he reveals the hidden process of how and why the mind creates trauma, and a powerful, easy to understand method of overcoming it.

In this book, Greeves will show you how you can reduce and resolve childhood and relationship trauma forever.

Free audio, e-book and printed versions available