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Danny Greeves Accelerated Trauma Resolution

Accelerated Trauma Resolution

How does the mind store trauma? How can we reduce or even resolve its impact? Can traditional talking therapy ever be the answer?


The ‘Accelerated Trauma Resolution’ book answers all these questions and more. In this short book, Greeves explains the key principles of trauma, he reveals the hidden process of how and why the mind creates trauma, and a powerful, easy to understand method of overcoming it.

In this book, Greeves will show you how you can reduce and resolve childhood and relationship trauma forever.

Free audio, e-book and printed versions available

Work with me

Through private 1-2-1 online sessions I guide you through the three key stages of restore, replenish and rejuvenate.

Every course is personalised and customised to fit your unique needs, but common breakthrough topics include:


FEAR – Resolving Anxiety. The fear of failure, success, rejection, the fear of being exposed. Fear around making mistakes, overthinking, procrastination and negative mindset.


TRAUMA – Processing and releasing painful past experiences, adverse childhood experiences and specific traumatic experiences. Releasing guilt and shame. Helping balance sympathetic over-arousal.


FAMILY – Releasing stored emotions from difficult family relationships, updating limiting beliefs and old family rules, emotional triggers, self-sabotaging patterns.


RELATIONSHIPS – Overcoming communication, trust, intimacy, vulnerability and personal boundary issues which block fulfilling relationships.


CONFIDENCE – Increasing self-confidence, assertiveness, improving self-esteem, body confidence, negative comparisons, self-discipline and self-worth issues.

progamme timeline

*Additional weeks can be added at any time should life get in the way. The programme timeline will be designed to suit you.

Every course is personalised and customised to fit your unique needs and goals.

why is your approach different?

When growing up and going through life, when you have a painful, adverse or traumatic experience – or simply a moment of emotional overwhelm – your mind stores data (what you saw, the sounds, the smells etc) and the emotions from the event. It stores them for safety and survival reasons – so that if in the future you approach a similar threat, the alarm bells go off to encourage you to change direction or to help you deal with it in a way that helps you survive again.

Any time your mind perceives a threat in your environment, which is in any way similar to – or even symbolic of – the original trauma, an ‘echo’ or mini-version of the same stress response is triggered.

This nervous system response becomes ‘conditioned’, meaning it becomes an automatic response that is activated as soon as something in your environment is perceived as a threat. Research shows this happens 300-800 milliseconds before you can consciously think about it, making so much of traditional talking therapy totally ineffective. This is why sometimes you may experience a flood of emotion without being able to identify why, which in itself can be frightening and stressful.

It is because of this learned, conditioned response of the nervous system that these fears, anxieties and emotional challenges arise, rather than due to a fault or weakness on your part. The stored data from the past causes you to experience a wide range of unpleasant sensations and negative emotions. The key here is that it is often a subconscious process, making it very difficult to resolve just by talking about it.

Working together I can show you how to disconnect and clear the old subconscious threats, release those old emotions from the past and help you return to your authentic, empowered self. Through embarking on this journey, you can express your natural strengths and enhance your overall well being.

Through my specialised training and education, ranging from being mentored by neurosurgeons, nonverbal behaviour experts, trauma specialists and Harvard lecturers, you will not be able to find this type of information or therapeutic experience anywhere else. But you will finally understand why many other techniques have failed you and why you may have been beating yourself up – when in reality it was just the approach used was not the most effective way of solving your issues.

As you feel calmer, more confident and more empowered, you give yourself permission to truly be yourself and share your authentic self with the world without fear or worry. As people notice you being more relaxed, playful and confident, many of my clients receive feedback and praise from loved ones and colleagues about how they seem lighter, more energised and more fun.

My primary focus is working to discover if you would be a perfect fit for the programme and I’d love you to join me on a relaxed, easy-going discovery call to find out if I can help.

learn more about working with me

I understand you’re very busy; you may have a combination of family, work or social issues to juggle, maybe all of them at once – on a daily basis! As a result, my programmes are designed to fit seamlessly into your everyday life. 

With the majority of the emotional change work occurring in the sessions with me, minimal additional effort is requested outside of the sessions. As a guide, in between our sessions you’ll be asked to focus on applying a particular thinking pattern, listening to a specific recording or focusing on one area of awareness. All of which you can do as and when is easiest for you during the day.

If however, you would like to invest more time, you will gain access to a premium vault of over 90 hours of personal development training which you can explore at your own pace or seek personalised recommendations from me.

Each session has a specific focus or objective and the duration of the session is dependent on the time it takes to complete that objective.

The benefit of this is there is no ‘clock-watching’ and each session comes to a natural conclusion. Most sessions will be between 45 and 55 minutes; on rare occasions, booking out an hour will give you plenty of time.

My work is designed to fit as seamlessly as possible into your life. All we would need is for you to be able to dedicate an hour per week for our session together, and a few minutes each day to practise a tool or new cognitive exercise.

During the Discovery Call section of your application, we explore your goals, your current challenges and the various different ways you could achieve your objectives. If at this stage I am certain you would be a good fit for the programme, I will talk you through the more practical aspects and answer any questions you may have.

It is in both our interests that the techniques work for you and so rest assured if I doubt you will enjoy and benefit from the programme, I will talk this through with you honestly and recommend an alternative therapist or approach.

You can continue to do all the health and fitness practices you are currently doing. You may find that as you progress through the programme and learn new skills and techniques that you want to review or update your current self-care routine. But that is totally up to you. If you are currently undergoing therapy, it’s important we discuss that during our discovery call, as you may find you don’t need it anymore by the time we’re finished.

You will not be asked to make any significant or disruptive changes to your lifestyle during the programme, unless that is one of your specific, desired goals. Throughout the programme, new principles, techniques and tools are introduced in bitesize chunks with time and space to practise, ask questions and reflect to ensure you’re feeling comfortable with your progress.

The schedule of the programme can be tailored to suit your diary and personal needs, which we can discuss during our discovery call. In general, most clients choose to have a session once a week, but the timeline of the programme can be adjusted if and when life circumstances require it

Emotional wellbeing is one of the fundamental components of a fulfilling life. But many of my clients have been exposed to situations, circumstances or events where they did not have the choice or the power to change their experiences, particularly when young. As they show strength and courage to move through life despite these problems, they now find themselves in a position where they put everyone else ahead of themselves and there isn’t much left over. The longer this goes on the more stress and burden is placed on the nervous system.

What many of my clients share with me, in both one-to-one sessions and in my many testimonials and reviews, is that by choosing to invest in themselves, everyone else benefits too.

  • They become a better role model to their children, family and loved ones.
  • They inspire those around them to make changes in their lives which facilitates the personal growth of those around them.
  • They realise they provide even more care, love and attention to those that mean the most to them because they are able to. With more calm, courage and energy, everyone benefits.
  • Business or career performance improves. They enjoy the experience and the journey with more presence and even-mindedness.
  • They become the person they know they are deep down without being weighed down by all the baggage and emotions from the past.

I appreciate that everyone has different financial resources available to them, so you have several programme variations depending on your budget. Programmes start at £999+VAT and vary depending on the programme duration, product structure and additional complementary therapies. All programmes can be paid for through a monthly payment plan.

During the Discovery Call section of your application, we can discuss your specific goals and provide you with all the relevant programme information.

Absolutely. The Paypal ‘Pay in 3’ option is available to all applicants allowing you to spread the cost over three payments and minimise the initial financial outlay.

For self-employed business owners or entrepreneurs, financing over 12 monthly instalments is also available.

How does it work?


The full 12-week 1-2-1 programme working together to breakthrough all the personal and professional blocks limiting your potential.


A condensed 5-week programme to breakthrough a specific block and give you the tools to continue your journey with calm and confidence.


A group programme teaching you how to break-free of anxiety, overthinking and overwhelm whilst building confidence (coming soon).

Our promise to you...

100% guaranteed to reduce or resolve childhood and relationship trauma - or your money back.

With more awards than any other trauma therapist in the UK and rated 4.9* on Google reviews, you too can reduce or resolve traumatic memories forever.


12-month programme and ‘Immersion Breakthrough Day’ for year-round support.
£ 5000
  • 12-month programme. Full Accelerated Trauma Resolution Programme plus monthly support/upgrade sessions.
  • Full immersion day
  • Two-night stay in Norwich
  • 2-hour vocal training session with the world’s number 1 vocal coach. (online or in-person).
  • Mindset foundations.
  • What’s App check-in and support
  • Emergency spot coaching sessions.
  • Habit Hero online training (£297).
  • Emotional Empowerment programme (£497).


The Transformational Accelerated Trauma Resolution programme.
£ 1989* *Pay in 3 interest-free instalments of £663
  • Full Accelerated Trauma Resolution Programme.
  • Mindset foundations programme.
  • 12 online sessions.
  • Progressive six-week trauma release hypnotherapy recordings.
  • What’s App check-in and support.
  • Emergency spot coaching session.
  • Bespoke Family Rules tool.
  • EMDR self-help tool.
  • Emotional Empowerment programme (£497).
  • Habit Hero online training (£297).
  • X3 Mindset Books.
  • 8+ hours of premium video vault training.
  • 12-week self-paced emotional wellbeing programme.


Great for overcoming previous trauma, limiting beliefs and negative internal dialogue.
£ 999* *Pay in 3 interest-free instalments of £333
  • 6 online sessions.
  • 8+ hours of premium video vault training.
  • 12-week self-paced emotional wellbeing programme.
  • Essentials background hypnotherapy recording.
  • Overcoming Anxiety online course.
  • Email support.

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